Plan The Best Bridal Shower Ever

Your best friend is getting married — and you've been tapped to help plan the bridal shower.

Maybe you're a seasoned party planner with a couple of bridal showers already under your belt, or maybe this is your first one, and you're nervous about getting everything right in anticipation of your friend's big day. Whatever your experience is, we have some tips to help you make the event one that you will enjoy and that the bride-to-be will always remember. Make the bride feel extra-special on her day by incorporating the things that she loves, including her favorite colors, hobbies, and foods, into the party.

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A good place to start is with a color palette. Take her wedding color scheme into consideration, but also think about her other favorite hues. Say your friend loves the color pink, but her beloved wasn't so keen on including it as one of the colors in the wedding. The bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to make sure she gets her fix — use it on paper goods, in flower arrangements, or as the tint for snacks (like icing or candies).

Another good way to personalize the shower is to talk to the bride about the vibe she wants to give at her wedding. Allude to her beach wedding by laying seashells along the table or incorporating nautical-style stripes. Or, if her wedding will have more of a rustic feel, a wood-paneled location and decorations strung up with twine will echo the theme.

Also take your bride's interests into account. If she loves to write, a pen tied to a pack of postcards would make a perfect shower favor. If she's a big baker, portion dry ingredients for her favorite cookie recipe into jars and attach baking instructions.

Tailor the menu to match her favorite foods and her personality: Highlight just how sweet she is by ordering a selection of sweet treats from local bakeries, or reference her love for adventure by serving dishes with bold flavors.

The bride-to-be is certain to notice your careful attention to the things that she loves, and will feel all the more special that day!