Pizza-Wrapped Burger and More News

In today's Media Mix, Prince finally pays up, plus McDonald's expanding chicken wings nationwide

Would you try these pizza burgers?

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Pizza-Wrapped Burger: Today in burger mash-ups: Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar's "pizzaburger," a burger wrapped in pizza with pizza and burger toppings. Stuffed with a beef patty, bacon, mozarella, and pizza sauce, topped with pepperoni and mozzarella, and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and a pickle. [Delish]

Prince Pays for Dinner: Finally; after Prince walked out of Costata without paying the bill, his manager called the restaurant yesterday to pay, leaving a $500 tip. [Grub Street]

McDonald's Expanding Chicken Wings: The Mighty Wings are going national this September. [Bloomberg]


Behind Heinz: How much do you know about your favorite ketchup brand? Let's start with the number of varieties: 57. [Fast Company]