Pizza Survives Trip to Space, Probably Inedible

But, still cool

While sushi, beer, and apparently a hot dog have all made a trip out to space, the trend of sending edible things up in the air with a weather balloon apparently hasn't died down.

Restaurant chain Cili celebrated a 15-year anniversary by strapping a pizza onto a weather balloon, training a video camera on said pie, and launching it into the air. The resulting footage is awesome, as usual. The pizza itself has a "15" on it (made from vegetables) and a pepper (the restaurant's logo), flattened by what looks like Plexiglass.

Meanwhile, the brand is calling this the first pizza in space, but we're sure NASA is cooking up ways to send pizza out there. Still, we wouldn't be eating anything that traveled beyond our eyesight on a weather balloon, even if there is a video camera trained on it at all times. We'll take the beer, though. Watch the action below.


First Pizza in Space! from Cili on Vimeo.