Pizza Hut Will Have You Eating on Top of a Giant iPad

Pizza Hut has unveiled its new interactive table, from which you can order your pizza

Your local Pizza Hut could soon be the pizzeria of the future.

It’s the latest in a line of digital fast-casual eating experiences. Pizza Hut and Chaotic Moon just unveiled in a YouTube video a new line of restaurant tables, which double as touchscreen tablet computer devices that can take your customized pizza order.

In the video, the device looks pretty futuristic: a slick, black screen displays a rotating pizza, from which with just a few swipes and pinches of your fingertips, you can enlarge it and add cheese, sauce and other toppings. And while you’re waiting for your customized pizza to be made, you can also play games on your table. The table even learns your name when you place your smartphone on the surface!

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Right now, Pizza Hut is still in the testing stages of the interactive table, but they are far from the first fast casual restaurant to introduce something like this. This past fall, The Daily Meal reported that Chili’s and Applebee’s announced that they will be putting tablet computers at tables in many of their locations, sparking concern that human interaction will be severely diminished. Pizza Hut has not yet addressed these concerns.