Pizza Hut Introduces New Flatbread Pizza

Aiming to compete with artisan pizza joints, Pizza Hut brings you the flatbread pizza

Pizza Hut

Hoping to jump right on the flatbread bandwagon, Pizza Hut has created a new twist on their pizza in the form of a fire baked-style flatbread pizza.

Pizza Hut is offering the flatbread at U.S. stores only with six to a box for $11.99. They can be done in three different varieties, vegetable, pepperoni, or plain cheese options, and television advertising and a full PR program is said to start soon.

Carrie Walsh, vice president of national marketing for the Yum Brands division, told National Restaurant News, “We’ve been watching flatbreads closely, talking to our consumers to understand the appeal.” The trend started when people desired more of a homemade, brick oven, rustic type of pizza, and large chain restaurants like Pizza Hut simply did not offer that; until now. Pizza Hut looked for inspiration from these small, local pizza places and emulated a flatbread that strives to mirror these, without the actual process of being cooked in a brick oven.

Walsh added how the flatbread order is actually larger than a regular large pizza, and the customization allows for everyone in a group to be satisfied. Chili’s also began offering the item back in May in hope to attract customers away from small brick oven pizza joints with flavors like chipotle chicken, grilled chicken, and margherita.


Wile Bates III, executive chef for Pizza Hut, told baking business, "We didn't invent flatbread pizza, but Pizza Hut's Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas strike the perfect balance between a product that's hot given current food trends and one that delivers an eating experience that is perfect for our customers." Look for the new item in a Pizza Hut location near you.