Of Course Pizza Hut Created Pizza Keyboard

The pizza chain takes a viral trend and puts it in a commercial

Turn pizza and dipping sauces into a keyboard.

Remember when people on the Internet were turning soup and bananas into musical instruments? Well, Pizza Hut honed in on the amazing system that is Makey Makey, which can turn almost anything into a synthesizer, and decided to make a pizza and dipping sauce keyboard of sorts.

Pizza Hut tagged 12 of their "signature dipping sauces" and everytime a slice of pizza was dipped into the sauce, it would play a specific note; pizzas were, essentially, the hands playing the keyboard.

The result? A (repetitive but musical) piece, two overly sauced slices of pizza, and plenty of clicks. It's viral marketing done right, but we still prefer that homemade kitchen synthesizer, if only because it uses an egg frying as an accent.

Watch Pizza Hut's video below.