Pizza Goat Mystery Is Finally Solved

Thanks Daily Intel!

Cocoa in New York City

Wednesday's random little photo tweet of a goat hanging around pizza joint Famous Famiglia in New York City caused quite a buzz in the city.

Luckily, Daily Intel got on it and solved the mystery. The goat in question is named Cocoa, and she is owned by Cyrus Fakroddin who works for a pharmaceutical company. They live in a "rambling 18th-century house along the Passaic River near the Chatham and New Providence borders." Sounds lovely.

The duo have also popped up in Times Square and Madison Square Garden, but how Cocoa got into Famous Famiglia without getting employees in a fuss is unknown. "I don't know who let the goats in because we normally don't even let dogs in," an employee told DNA Info. So there's still a little bit of mystery left.