Pizza Cake Creation May Come to Canada This Summer


Would you travel up North to experience the glory that is pizza cake?

The pizza cake is probably one of those creations that has you torn between being grossed out, or seriously wanting to move to Canada. The pizza cake creation may become a reality if it wins the Game Changers contest held by Canada-based Boston Pizza chain, which puts unusual pizza creations head to head against each other to see which should be the new menu item at Boston Pizza.

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So far the pizza cake, which, according to the illustration looks like a round layer cake that features cheese and sauce instead of frosting, is in the lead ahead of other odd pizza inventions like the pizza taco and pizza-flavored mints. The voting will continue until June 9th, at which time, the team at Boston Pizza will decide how to best bake the savory and saucy cake.

We think that the pizza cake has a strong chance of winning since pizza mints sound pretty gross, and other inventions, like the gas-powered pizza cutter, pizza pocket, and cheese clippers, sound more like a joke than something you could actually buy. Although, the Sriracha pizza sounds like something we could get behind…..


Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi