Pinot Noir Flavored Popcorn: Weird or Awesome?

Kim Crawford Wines teamed up with Populence Popcorn to create the holy grail of popcorn flavors

Pinot Noir Popcorn

Kim Crawford Wines of New Zealand has partnered up with Populence Popcorn out of Manhattan to introduce wine-inspired flavors of popcorn, according to The Drink Business.

The two flavors available are Pinot Noir Chocolate Drizzle and Sauvignon Blanc Kettle. The popcorns, while reminiscent of the actual wines themselves, are non-alcoholic and intended to be eaten alongside a glass of Kim Crawford Marlborough Pinot Noir 2011 and Kim Crawford Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012, respectively (but we imagine that they’ll probably work well with any wine, or on their own).

Maggie Paulus, founder of Populence, told the website that because their popcorn has been so popular at wine tasting events, the idea to pair these flavors seemed appropriate. The chocolate in the pinot noir flavor aims to bring out the fruity, bold flavors, and the sauvignon blanc popcorn is “bright, zesty and bursting with flavor,” says Nila Vermiglio, marketing spokesperson for Populence.


These tins of popcorn aren’t the cheap ones you re-gift around the holidays, however. According to Beverage Daily, a gallon tin of the stuff will cost you $35, and you can buy it here.