Pillsbury Goes Gluten-Free

Chef Cat Cora teams up with Pillsbury to create a gluten-free line of products

Celiac disease is growing in numbers across the United States, as the number of those infected with the disease rises, we see everyone in the food business making changes — from grocers creating “gluten-free” aisles, to restaurants offering menus specifically tailored to a celiac-friendly diet. And now, one of America’s favorite pre-packaged biscuit and dough companies, Pillsbury, is catering to their former croissant and biscuit lovers-turned-gluten-free by releasing a line of reasonably priced, refrigerated gluten-free items, including pie and pastry dough, chocolate chip cooie dough, and thin crust pizza.

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While Pillsbury makes these allergen-specific items available at mass scale in local and chain grocers this month, they also worked with chef Cat Cora and ‘Gluten Free Guru’ Danna Korn on developing gluten-free recipes that will help people stick to their diets, whether by choice or for health.

The Daily Meal recently met with Cora at a Pillsbury-hosted event to talk about her new gluten-free initiatives, where she used Pillsbury products to develop recipes for the Pillsbury gluten-free line. While Cora is well known for her role on the television series Iron Chef, she is also a co-founder of a foundation called Chefs for Humanity, in which she joins chefs from around the world to start initiatives to fight causes like malnutrition, childhood obesity, and providing nutrition education.

When The Daily Meal asked Cora if she had any plans to release a gluten-free cookbook, she answered “Maybe I will! I always have my [press team] looking for vegan and gluten-free recipe opportunities and I haven’t seen many gluten-free cookbooks out there.”


“I don’t just like to make these kinds of recipes because it’s for a great cause, but [it’s also a great way for me to see] how far I can stretch my imagination with gluten-free recipes.” And seeing how delicious the recipes are that she created for Pillsbury, food fans who follow a gluten-free diet can only hope that she will.