A Picturesque Meal


The flowers are in full bloom as the sun sets across the water of Fort Pond. The cool summer breeze passes through while you enjoy your wine and take in the view from their garden patio. This beautiful restaurant at the tip of Long Island is a gorgeous scene from a picturesque movie. You expect to see everybody laughing in slow motion at some point.

From the corner of your eye you see the waiter brings out your food and it’s on the HUGEST platter you’ve ever seen. Family style is right. The wait staff is attentive and quick to remind diners that their dishes are meant to be shared. The recommended servings are one appetizer and one entree for a group of two but I still had plenty of leftovers which was good news because it was all delicious. Come with a group of friends and you might possible have the best and more relaxing evening of your life enjoying good food and wine against the perfect backdrop.

Harvest on Fort Pond serves seasonal dishes family style. Their food is fresh with clean flavors. The asparagus mushroom penne is tossed with heirloom tomatoes in a light cream sauce that coasted the pasta with subtle richness that doesn’t overpower the fresh vegetables. The calamari salad is a mountain of spring greens and arugula topped with a piled of crispy fried calamari rings. The blueberry mojito is muddled with fresh mint and lime. Cocktails are served in mason jars with little beads of condensation dripping down the glass.

If you ever find yourself in Montauk, you MUST visit Harvest on Fort Pond, a simply magical experience.