Pick Up and Party

Entertain with the best store-bought party trays

Get prepped for your party with these platters and trays.

We all love parties — we love going to them and some of us love hosting them, but prepping for a party, with all the prepping, cooking, and planning, can be a hassle. If you have a hectic schedule, a stressful job, or have a house full of kids, it can be difficult to stage a social soirée if you don’t have the time to get everything together beforehand.

Grab one of these party trays for your next bash! 

But there is an alternative to cooking the meal five days ahead of time and ending up with a messy kitchen — party trays. Many are made by trusted brands that you know and love, so entertainers can just pick up a tray, pop the lid, and serve. The best of the best include everything from deli meats and cheeses to nuts and cookies, and they're all easy to find, easy to serve, and super easy to please your guests. 

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We shuffled through the available brands and have come up with a solid list of our favorites for any occasion — we have the trays to delight sports fans at tailgates, wow your friends at a girls night in, win over the whole family during board game night, and please everyone at a classic cocktail party