Photographing the Farm and the Table

The Daily Meal went behind the scenes at monthly 'Farm-to-Trumbull' dinners at Parallel Post
Jane Bruce

Gilbertie's Herbs in Westport, Conn. (left), provided some of the herbs for Parallel Post's farm-to-table dinner (right).

Since The Daily Meal offices are located in the soul-sucking concrete heat trap that is New York City, anytime we hear "farm-to-table," we really just want to go to the farm. And see some cows.

Luckily, the team over at Parallel Post was more than happy to accommodate that wish, bringing this reporter and photo editor Jane Bruce to Trumbull, Conn., to get some sunshine and see some green, as chef Dean James Max and executive chef Christopher Molyneux picked up oysters, fresh herbs, cheese, and strawberries for their "Farm –to-Trumbull" dinners at the Trumbull Marriott Merritt Parkway.

First stop: Norm Bloom & Sons in Norwalk, Conn., for oysters and potentially lobster; then Gilbertie’s Herb Garden and Sherwood Farms in Westport, Conn.

Other produce and meats from the dinner were pre-ordered from Foley Fish in Boston, Ox Hollow Farm in Roxbury, Conn., with cheese from Coach Farms in Pine Plains, N.Y., and Beltane Farms in Lebanon, Conn.


Click through our slideshow to see scenes from the farm and the table, and keep your eyes peeled for some bonus animal shots.