Photographer Recreates Last Meals of Death Row Inmates

Food and lifestyle photographer Henry Hargreaves’ latest project shows photos of 12 death row inmates’ last meals

Ted Bundy's last meal (the traditional last meal, as he refused to give a special request), and other last meal photos are apart of this somewhat-gruesome photo series.

Kidnapper/murderer Victor Feguer asked for a single olive. Stephen Anderson, wanted for seven counts of murder, asked for two grilled cheese sandwiches and a pint of cottage cheese. Ted Bundy declined the traditional meal. The infamous last meals of 12 death row inmates are the subjects of photographer Henry Hargreaves’ haunting new photo series, entitled “No Seconds,” in which he recreated the last meal requests of executed criminals.

Hargreaves, who is also known for his other food-centric photo projects like “Deep-Fried Gadgets” (yes, he took photos of fried Apple projects), has received a mainly positive response from this controversial project. The photos themselves are colorful, and some evoke the familiarity of a family meal or a summer barbecue, which makes the project itself even spookier.


“To get yourself on death row you have to commit a huge massacre, or have terrible legal defense and  that whole financial aspect shows itself with the last meal requests,” said Hargreaves. “Low income families have diets of fried food many times, and that’s what a lot of people want for their last meal. It’s also comfort food for your last moments.”