Pete Wells Gives Le Bernardin 4 Stars

Eric Ripert's New York restaurant keeps its 4-star rating in Pete Wells' review
Le Bernardin Gets Four Stars
Jessica Chou

Le Bernardin Gets Four Stars

In this week's restaurant review news, Eric Ripert wowed Pete Wells with Le Bernardin, getting The New York Times critic to give up four stars to the New York City establishment.

Sure, Pete Wells may not have the same media hype as Marilyn Hagerty, who made a trip courtesy of Anthony Bourdain, but the continuation of Le Bernardin's four-star run is impressive.

"No other restaurant in the city makes the simple cooking of fish (and the fish at Le Bernardin is cooked simply, when it is cooked at all) seem so ripe with opportunities for excitement," Wells wrote.

The critic continued to wax poetic on the restaurant's remodel (complete with a revamped bar), the ever-changing menu with new Asian ingredients, and the impeccable service. Read his complete review at The New York Times, and check out our extensive interview with Eric Ripert in our At the Chef's Table series.