Peruvian Power Smoothie

Peruvian Power Smoothie

Registered dietician Manuel Villacorta creates an easy and nutritious smoothie using traditional ingredients and one of his Peruvian power foods.

It’s that time of year again! Many of us will make resolutions aplenty, whether to be friendlier, to spend less money, to exercise more, or to eat better. Manuel Villacorta, author of the cookbook Peruvian Power Foods, is helping us out with the latter. One or two simple ingredient additions or switches can take your cuisine to a whole new level in terms of its nutrition.

As a registered dietician, Villacorta has a passion for eating well and shares with us some of the wonderful secrets from his native Peru. In the video above, he puts together a super simple recipe for a triple berry smoothie, which can be found here. The smoothie is both gluten-free and vegan.

The secret lies in camu camu powder, which contains an overwhelming amount of vitamin C. Villacorta offers several options for his smoothie, including a personal preference for juice and ways to thicken the treat using yogurt.

Peruvian Power Foods for Your Holiday Table

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