PepsiCo Honored at World Water Week

The snack company reached its water reduction goal four years early

It’s been a tough summer for the soda companies, with soda bans proposed and disparaging studies released. Things are starting to look up for at least one of the major chains. PepsiCo won an award at World Water Week in Stockholm for the company's water conservation efforts. According to World Water Week officials, Pepsi saved nearly 16 billion gallons of water in 2011, compared to the amount the company was using in 2006.

PepsiCo reached its goal of 20 percent reduction in the amount of water they used in processing four years earlier than anticipated. They have reportedly saved $45 million in energy-related costs, which also increased profits.

In addition, the company has provided safe water for more than one million people through its charitable organization, PepsiCo Foundation. As Pepsi continues to reduce its water consumption and find new innovative ways to recycle water, other corporations will, hopefully, follow suit.