Pepsi Unveils New ‘Like Machine’

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PepsiCo launches its newest social media innovation

PepsiCo launches its newest social media innovation

While many people pay for a soda with spare change or crumpled dollar bills, PepsiCo announced that customers can score a soda just by pressing “like.”

Pepsi has launched its new “like machines” in order to gain more traffic on social media, according to Mashable. Those with smart phones stand next to the machine and “like” PepsiCo on Facebook. The machine then picks up the cue and dispenses a can on Pepsi to the customer.

Those without smartphones can get their carbonated fix as well. The machines have a touch screen for users to log in to Facebook and like the page. The machine then dispenses the cola and logs the customer out.

While the machine debuted at a Beyonce concert in Belguim, the company is in talks to expand the device to other venues. A video of the machine at the concert shows how much of a success it was.

“People liked it…a lot,” said the narrator of the video. “Thanks to this new way of sampling we know exactly who liked, tried, and enjoyed an ice-cold Pepsi.”

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This isn't the first time PepsiCo has tried a new take on the vending machine. In Fall 2012, it launched interactive vending machines