Pecan Pie Named Texas' Official State Pie

The state of Texas has officially named pecan pie as its state pie, according to a resolution passed by the Texas State House on Wednesday.

The measure was proposed by first-year Representative Marsha Farney, according to KHOU, and passed without much debate.

"Of all the Lone Star State's unique culinary dishes, perhaps none say 'Texas' more sweetly than pecan pie," the lighthearted resolution begins. It goes on to give some history of the pecan pie, delving into the ubiquity of pecan trees in the state (it was named the State Tree in 1919, and Texas pecans account for more than 20 percent of all U.S. pecans), and mentions how in 1914 a recipe for "Texas Pecan Pie" appeared in the Christian Science Monitor. It goes on to state that "though there are many ways to enjoy pecans, it is practically a given among Texans that they belong, first and foremost, in a pie," and that while "pecan pie recipes are varied and numerous... Texans generally agree on two things: Texas pecan pies are, hands down, the best, especially when made with Texas pecans by a Texan, and secondly, whether served hot or cold, with a scoop of ice cream or without, pecan pie is indeed the perfect ending to any meal."