Party on a Stick

Ditch the plates and utensils — all you need is a skewer to host a great bash

When the gang is together and the grill is going, why should you have to worry about dirty dishes and cleanup? So here's an easy solution — nix the forks, the knives, and the big platters, and serve your menu items entirely on skewers. Think about it — no muss, no fuss. 

All of the skewers can be built in advance, and whether they need to be grilled or are ready to serve cold, your hosting duties will be minimal! This concept is also ideal if you have kids in attendance — less of a chance for messy spills. 

Build your menu from all sorts of dishes on a stick, from appetizers like a caprese salad, vegetable crudité, and cheeses to heartier bites like meat, fish, and chicken main options, and continue all the way to dessert — all on skewers. Brilliance has never been so easy. 

Curious? Think about it this way — tons of rich flavors piled high all in one package. Give it a try this weekend.