O'Naturel nudist Restaurant in Paris
O'Naturel Restaurant

Paris Nudist Restaurant Bans Diners from Wearing Clothes

The restaurant banned cameras and clothes from the dining room
O'Naturel nudist Restaurant in Paris
O'Naturel Restaurant

O'Naturel is the first nudist restaurant in Paris. 

There’s no need to agonize about picking the right outfit for dinner at the new Paris restaurant, O’Naturel, because the restaurant requires all guests to be completely naked during dinner.

According to ABC News, O’Naturel opened this month in the 12th Arrondissement of Paris. It bills itself as the city’s first naturist restaurant, and all diners must leave all their clothes and cameras in a locker room before entering the dining room.

The restaurant was started by brothers Stephane and Mike Saada, who said they wanted to give nudists a chance to travel and practice their hobby year-round, instead of only during the summer. Their 20-seat restaurant opened this month, and it seats guests for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. The menu is a three-course prix fixe for $58, and guests can choose from foie gras, lobster, escargots, lamb, and scallops. Reservations are required.

In the interest of making sure all guests are optimally comfortable, O’Naturel has a lot of rules. . For starters, all guests must be nude. All cell phones and cameras are prohibited in the dining room, so nobody will be Instagramming their food at this particular restaurant. Exhbitionism and disrespectful sexual behavior are also banned.

French law requires all servers and kitchen staff to be clothed at all times while working, so the staff are not part of the entertainment.

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The naturist restaurant says it is not at all unhygienic. Chair covers are changed after every meal, so every guest gets a clean new seat to sit on while dining naked. Hygiene is a prime concern in any situation involving food, so check out these other food safety rules you need to follow.