Paradise Park: The Famed Honky Tonk

The Famed Honky Tonk

Paradise Park opened in March 2007 and quickly became one of Nashville’s most famous honky tonks on Broadway and a favored bar amongst tourists and locals alike, featuring local songwriters and musicians night after night. The bar uses a tongue-in-cheek approach to epitomize all that is thought of as the “good ol' South," with a kitschy trailer park design complete with wood-paneled walls, Astroturf floors, a mullet hall of fame, plastic lawn furniture, neon lights and a beat-up race car in the front entrance. The bar prides itself on delivering exceptional drink specials each night and more than 24 different types of beer on tap and bottled.

Open from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., the restaurant side offers one of the best burgers in town, served in theme as a singlewide or a doublewide, well as a selection of casual American diner fare like hand-cut fries, grilled chicken sandwiches, homemade hand-dipped corn dogs and salads.