Unsuccessful Pizza Restaurant Busted for Trafficking Drugs

Police finally figured out how a restaurant with no customers stays in business

Police figured out how a restaurant with no customers managed to stay in business. 

Minneapolis police finally figured out the secret of how a local pizza restaurant with very few customers and one star on Yelp managed to stay in business this week when they busted the owners for running a drug-trafficking operation out of the kitchen.

According to Valley News Live, Dmitri Brooks--the owner of Papa Dmitri’s Classic Pizza and Ice Cream in St. Paul, Minn.--was allegedly running a massive marijuana trafficking operation through the restaurant with the help of his mother, his girlfriend, and his 82-year-old grandmother. Police were tipped off over the summer by a concerned citizen who said the restaurant was almost never open and rarely had any customers, but it somehow stayed in business. As odd as that was, however, the most damning bit of evidence was that the employees in the restaurant were reportedly frequently seen getting take-out at other restaurants in the area.

"Yeah, they'd always take takeout," said Jack Knutson, an employee at a nearby restaurant. "You deliver four pizzas in a week and then you have an Escalade sitting out front for just a little bit. It's like you know something's going down."

In response to the complaint, police watched the restaurant for six days. During that period it had five customers and made four deliveries, and Brooks only came by once for a grand total of half an hour.


Brooks was arrested Friday after police investigating his home allegedly found marijuana, cocaine, a handgun, and vials labeled “testosterone.” The restaurant, however, is reportedly still open. Brooks’ mother was running the place Saturday and said she had no knowledge of any drugs at the very quiet pizza shop.