Oxheart: Redefining the Idea of Fine Dining

Redefining the Idea of Fine Dining

Oxheart has two tables with 30 seats with no waiting area.

With Houston’s up-and-coming food scene, it’s no surprise that one of the newest restaurants in the area has a fresh feel and modern dishes. While many restaurants in Houston might be concerned with the patron’s comfort level, Oxheart is less concerned with the actual diner, and more concerned with perfecting the dining experience. Because executive chef Kevin Yu’s culinary experience was learned from the time he spent in Europe, bright colors and unique shapes aesthetically inspire most of Oxheart’s dishes. 

Even though the only option is a tasting menu of four or seven courses, Oxheart’s dishes are created simply with locally grown and fresh ingredients. Out with traditionally sophisticated foods like truffles, dover sole, and lamb, and in with exotic foods like wildflowers, plants and bizarre fish species. One course that the New York Times raved about was a sliced raw chard salad with kale leaves, pickled chard and a spoonful of tart goat milk whey, all topped with a mint-basil dressing. While some of these ingredients might not seem completely exotic, the simplicity of Yu’s cooking and the artistry of the dish make this restaurant a truly unique meal.

Oxheart’s ambiance also helps redefine the traditional fine dining experience. The restaurant only has two tables with 30 seats with no waiting area. The spray-painted walls and stack of vinyl records around the restaurant present a warm and homey feel to an already unconventional way of dining. Nonetheless, Oxheart’s intimate setting as well as its deliciously exotic dishes makes it a truly revolutionary dining experience for all goers.