Sunday brunch At Olive

The place is small but adequate since we were the only customers having brunch. I have heard good things about this new restrauant since it opened this year. But it all ended with brunch this Saturday. OK, I'm a sucker for French pressed coffee served in a big black shinny glass cup. My wife is a coffee nut too and complimented how good it was and it was hot. Coffee has to be Hot. I ordered the french toast, 2 sunny side up eggs with bacon. My wife ordered 2 homemade bisquits, 2 maple sausage patties and 2 eggs over easy. Now, for the purpose of this Headline. My sunny side eggs were cooked to the point of being burnt on the bottom which means there was very little fluid yolk left for the french toast which had no flavor. The bacon consisted of 2 small paper thin slices, maybe equal to one slice if I put one on top of the other.  My wife said her's was ok except for the 2 thin slices of bacon. Price for all this was a whopping $30.00 before tip. It's a nice sorta off the beat little place in the cannery district in downtown Dayton, Ohio. located in the old Wmypee's Place.

Recommendation: Try "Tanks" just up the street on Wayne Av. for a better, bigger, breakfast, more meat  and at 1/2 the price. This is not a plug for TANKS -just the facts.