Outrageous Ice Cream Desserts

Outlandish desserts that take a sweet finish to over-the-top heights

The Golden Opulence

You've heard this one, right? Following the exclusive U.K. debut in Harrods of Justin Bieber's fragrance, Someday, the store announced the creation of a sundae inspired by Bieber's fragrance. The sundae, called "Bieber Bocker Glory" includes mixed berry and vanilla ice creams topped with fresh pear, lavender sprinkles, and edible glitter. All proceeds (at £19.95 a pop) will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But this frozen Bieber-inspired treat is just one in a long line of over-the-top ice-cream desserts.

How over-the-top? Well, some of these concoctions are just plain bizarre. Take for example a Japanese ramen soup topped with two soft-serve ice cream cones, or a baked potato fashioned out of vanilla ice cream and cocoa. Then there's the overly-luxurious sundae (courtesy Serendipity 3), the overly-large variety (thanks to Cabot's Ice Cream), and optical illusion extravagances like the bite-sized confection from WD~50 that looks like a bagel but is actually a scoop of bagel-flavored ice cream.

Whether you're seeking a gilded gelato-filled treat or a towering display featuring a classic ice cream sundae, these outrageous desserts are sure to inspire.

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