8 Outrageous Athlete Celebration Receipts

Truly notable moments including superstar athletes and their spending habits
Wikimedia Commons/Y2kcrazyjoker4


Athletes are known for spending their money in outrageously lavish ways, especially when it comes time to let loose and enjoy an evening out on the town. However, some athletes, or entire teams, for that matter, have taken the tradition to new heights. 

Take the Boston Bruins, for example. After winning the Stanley Cup Championship over the Vancouver Canucks this year, the team made their way to the nearby Foxwoods Casino and started the evening with an innocent game or two of bowling and a nice meal before blowing $156,679.74 at a nightclub. 

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Seattle Seahawks defensive end, Raheem Brock, however, gained attention for a notably less luxurious scandal. This past June he was arrested for allegedly running out on a $27 bill from Copacabana in Philadelphia when the friend he was with spotted a cheesesteak stand across the street and tried to bring one into the restaurant.

But perhaps none of these stories is more compelling than the meal that caused Dallas Cowboys receiver, Dez Bryant's name to be splashed across headlines last year. During training camp, Bryant's teammates reportedly left him to foot the $54,894 dinner bill from a meal at Pappa Bros. Steakhouse as a rookie hazing ritual.

Regardless of the motives, you can be sure that each of these truly outrageous moments will stick with these athletes for years to come. Check out the list and let us know if we missed one of your favorite stories.