Ottavia Bourdain Producing Food Dramedy Show

Anthony Bourdain's wife is also getting into the entertainment industry

Earlier today, a trailer for a TV show from Ottavia Bourdain (Anthony Bourdain's wife) hit the Internet, and from what we gather, the show is called Employees Only. Unfortunately, the trailer was promptly pulled down and made private. Sad.

Luckily, there's an interview with Ottavia (the producer) and writer/director Tania Van Pelt that Grub Street dug up. Employees Only is a "a scripted dramedy centered around the high-energy, high-stakes world of restaurants in New York City," the website says.

Tthe show takes place during the opening of a fictional New York restaurant called Zio (and is shot at the real New York restaurant Zio), featuring an Anthony Bourdain cameo of course. According to the interview below, the show was inspired by Ottavia Bourdain and Van Pelt's days working in a restaurant, which Bourdain says is a "rite of passage" for new New Yorkers. Watch below for some clips of a steamy kiss and champagne.


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