Ottavia Bourdain Disses Anthony's Italian Food, Talks MMA Fights

Anthony Bourdain's wife Ottavia chats about fighting and food in a recent interview with TapouT Radio

Ottavia and Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain's wife, Ottavia Bourdain, recently wowed the food world when news broke that she started training in martial arts (jiu jitsu, MMA, not the street fight stuff).

Her recent interview with TapouT Radio, however, discusses more than who her trainer is and what forms she practices; it's a peek into the Bourdains' awesome life, where Anthony cooks and Ottavia fights and both end up going to Rio.

The full interview is transcribed over on MMA-centric site Bloody Elbow. We've picked out the best parts below.

On Fighting in Rio for No Reservations (or The Layover?): We were both really drunk and having dinner. He says, "You know, I'm thinking about next season. I think we should go to Rio, and I think you should take a fight there." So, we are leaving on May 6 to go to Rio, and we are taking Igor [Ottavia's trainer] with us. I'm taking a jiu jitsu match, and it will all be shot for my husband's TV show.

On Not Eating Anthony's Cooking: At the beginning of our relationship, before I started training, I would eat pasta, but now I no longer eat any wheat products. I barely eat any carbs. But yeah, at the beginning, he made pasta... eh, I mean, he's a good cook, but his Italian food is, eh... so-so. He cooks steaks, lamb, all the meats very well, but Italian food is not his forté.

On Accidentally Elbowing Anthony's Face: He's patient, so a couple of times, he let me use him as my grappling dummy, but then we had a little incident where I accidentally hit his jaw, and he couldn't swallow for a week. He said, "OK, that's it. You can do that at the gym." It was my elbow that hit his jaw, but I really didn't mean to do that.