Oscar Party Tips From a Celebrity Event Planner

From best picture menu ideas to décor, serve up the 2013 Oscars in style with these tips from Mary Giuliani

Mary Giuliani is serving up her Academy Awards tips with a serious sense of style.

Any Oscars party would be a hit with simply a red carpet drinking game and a bottle of bubbly, but we’re better than that — creative and original is the way to go.

Luckily, we have celebrity event planner and caterer Mary Giuliani on our side. Giuliani has thrown parties for a slew of famous faces and reputable brands, and has a serious knack for catering to fashion’s finest like Carolina Herrera, Fendi, J.Crew and others. Her most recent soirées were hosted by Vogue, Christie's, Stella McCartney, and Bradley Cooper.

She's got some great entertaining tips on how to throw a fabulous Oscar viewing party that goes beyond dressing up and drinking champagne.

Here are Giuliani’s tips on the ideal Oscar party:

Throwing a themed Oscar party can be simple when you’ve already done your research. Decorate your bash in the theme of your favorite film. Who wouldn’t want to be in a room full of beards and stove pipe hats? To make it more of a competition, ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite nominee. If their selection wins, they get a toast and walk away with a bottle of champagne… your Oscar for the night! 

Sushi is perfect for an Oscar’s party. It’s tasty, manageable, and best of all, guilt-free! While you watch celebs walk the red carpet, bring out your leading rolls. We suggest selecting three classic rolls such as spicy tuna or shrimp tempura and then letting your guests explore their taste buds with one or two exotic flavors.

Give your guests a chance to partake in the vote. Set up a tasting of your three favorite specialty cocktails and let the tastees tally up the scores for their favorite drink. Play off this year’s nominees when naming — will it be the Argo Fashion, Zero Darktini, Silver Linings Bourbon Smash, or Lincoln Lemonade that wins this year?

Take a tip from the nominations categories and give the supporting roles of dinner some time to shine. Set up a bar that's filled with everyone's favorite side dishes: mac and cheese, Brussels sprouts with bacon, mashed potatoes, and savory bread pudding — everyone always like the sides best anyway!


There’s a silver lining to everything, including a successful party hangover. As your guests leave for the night, give them a hangover-prevention checklist along with things to help them complete it. A bottle of water, bottle of aspirin, and Bloody Mary mix for the next morning should do the trick.