Organic Foods Have No Health Benefits and More News

In today's Media Mix, an in-depth look at the success behind Eleven Madison Park, plus how much power does Yelp have?
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

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Organic Not Necessarily Healthier: A study has found that while organic food may have less pesticides, there isn't any nutritional edge to eating the pricey stuff. (Personally, we just think it tastes better). [USA Today]

Apparently a Half-Star on Yelp Is a Big Deal: Researchers discovered that losing or gaining a half-star on Yelp can actually make or break a restaurant. Yikes. Well-known restaurants and celebrity restaurants are exempt. [Eater]

History of Eleven Madison Park: New Yorker subscribers can read all about how Eleven Madison Park reached its peak; also, there's info about their new menu. [New Yorker]

Bourdain Hangs Out with Rock Stars: Remember when he got a tattoo with Sleigh Bells? Well, Anthony Bourdain also got Neon Indian on his show. [AV Club]

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