Organic Food Could Save Your Life

Staff Writer
One man’s experience with organic foods proves that changing your diet could lead to a better, healthier life

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Seven years after being diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening life disease, Bob Neapolitan turned to organic farming to save his life.

Many people know that organic foods can be healthier and often more expensive, but did you know that it could also potentially save your life?

Bob Neapolitan of Youngstown, Ohio turned to organic foods after being diagnosed with a rare lung disease that left him with a predicted six months to live. Now, seven years later, he’s still alive and well, and credits his health to his newly revamped all natural, organic food diet.

Neapolitan believes that ridding his diet of foods sprayed with the harsh chemicals used in conventional agriculture has meant the difference between life and death for him.  

While Neapolitan happily reported that the organic food tasted better as well, he was hesitant to pay the extra costs often associated with natural food brands.  To get his fix of organic produce while avoiding the hefty price tag, Neapolitan decided to start growing his own organic foods, turning the hobby into a small business called Nature’s Wonders Greenhouse in 2012. 

Neapolitan and his partner now occupy a large building ironically formerly occupied by Giant Eagle, a well-known, conventional supermarket chain. Their customer base has expanded so much that they now plan to open another greenhouse and a cold house for grapes and other fruits in addition to their original 36-by-48-foot greenhouse.

Neapolitan only grows heirloom seed varieties to replicate an older, more flavorful process of growing organic dated to before World War II. He also refuses to use flats or plant cells, opting instead for four and a half inch pots that keep his production small scale and prevents the need for harmful chemicals.

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Nature’s Wonders Greenhouse and Neapolitan’s life-altering transformation should serve as an inspiration for consumers around the world looking for a reason to transform their diets by going local and organic. Neapolitan has shown that it’s never too late to adopt a healthier lifestyle while making a difference in the world.