Old-School Fourth of July Festivals Worth the Road Trip

Hit the road for these Fourth of July festivities

With Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday this year, the mid-week holiday expands the holiday travel period to six days; the perfect amount of time to get away. Take advantage of this longer holiday and join the estimated 42.3 million people who AAA says plan to embark on a great American road trip this Fourth of July.

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The celebration of America’s independence from Great Britain has long been enough cause for cities large and small in the U.S. to celebrate for the past 236 years.

Essential Fourth of July festivities have included concerts, parades, carnivals, fairs, and fireworks, and, of course, food.

While the Fourth of July can be celebrated virtually anywhere, The Daily Meal has found the top quintessential, old-school Fourth of July celebrations for food fanatics.