Occupy Wall Street Protesters Try Fishing for Police with Doughnuts

Watch a video of OWS shenanigans in New York City

Still from the Video

Sure, it's been a whole winter since the height of Occupy Wall Street, but apparently the movement is still alive and well and out on the streets.

This video featured on Gothamist surfaced last night, with the description, "After being evicted from the Union Square Plaza early yesterday morning, the Occupy Wall Street protesters decided to have a little fun with the men in blue."

The "little fun" entailed putting a doughnut on the end of a string, "fishing" with the doughnuts, and mocking the policemen overlooking the protest.

These were followed by chants like, "This is a peaceful doughnut," and, "Treat us like animals we'll treat you like pigs." Not sure if that's exactly the message OWS started out with, and of course none of the policemen try to take the doughnut.