Obama's Controversial Visit to Shark Fin-Serving Restaurant, and More

In today's Weekly Media Mix, why everyone likes Kewpie, plus gender discrimination in the restaurant industry
Weekly Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Weekly Media Mix

The Daily Byte's Weekly Media Mix rounds up the week's big food stories.

• Is Chipotle the next McDonald's? The Street seems to think so, especially since shares have done twice as well as McDonald's in the past five years. [The Street]

• New York's Health Department granted a one-day waiver of its ban against pets in restaurants, all for a little Pekinese who won the Westminster Dog Show. Malachy the Pekinese held the traditional victory dinner at Sardi's, of course. [AP]

Presidential Foods
• President Obama surprised a San Francisco Chinatown restaurant by ordering takeout. His mistake was not realizing that the restaurant served the eco-unfriendly shark fin soup. (To be fair, he ordered dim sum dumplings to go.) [CBS/HuffPo]

Shame of the Week
• A sad and gruesome case hit the newstands this week: A Manhattan chef is accused of killing his wife and trying to pawn her jewelry. [NYDN]

• One writer looks at why everyone loves Kewpie mayonnaise, the Japanese super-processed spread with a baby on the bottle. The secret? MSG, a touch of vinegar, and an egg yolk-only formula. [Grub Street]

• Apparently "babyccinos" are a thing? A Park Slope coffee shop is creating foamy, non-caffeinated drinks for toddlers so they can be just like mom and dad. [The Daily Meal]

• A  study found that gender discrimination is alive and well in the restaurant industry, where in the same classification, a full-time, year-round female server is paid 68 percent of what her male counterpart makes. [ROC United]

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