NY Food Trucks Selling Phony Marijuana Pops

Weed World Candies promise a sweet high, do not deliver

Selling marijuana from a New York food truck would be completely illegal, but there's apparently no law against pretending to do so. Weed World Candies joined New York's food truck scene with an unbeatable business model: Selling allegedly marijuana-spiked candy from a fleet of bright green vans and Hummers to gullible New Yorkers. It would, of course, be illegal, except that the trucks are actually just selling regular candy. 

Not that the vendors are owning up to any of that.

“Weed!” the drivers shout into megaphones, according to the New York Post. “Stop by to get high!”

The NYPD jumped on the trucks early, but testing showed that the lollipops—which sell for $5 apiece or five for $20—were devoid of marijuana.

The lollipops have names like Herojuana, Blue Dream, and Strawberry Cough, and salespeople said they were made from “different strains of marijuana, different plants grown all over the world.” Another told the Post that the suckers were made from hemp oil.

“Maybe we can slap them with a charge of lying to the public,” a law enforcement source said to the Post.


A few Weed World employees have been arrested for selling goods without a license, and one van was impounded. The Health Department said it would be investigating, saying Weed World did not have a permit to sell food or drink in New York.