Nutella Thieves Jailed for Total of 15 Years

Germany’s ‘Nutella gang’ was sentenced to 15 years in prison for theft
Wikimedia/A. Kniesel

Germany's infamous "Nutella gang" has been sentenced to a total of 15 years and six months in prison.

Germany’s so-called “Nutella gang” has been brought to justice and sentenced by a judge to a total of 15 years and six months in prison for stealing 2,500 jars of Nutella, among other things.

According to The Local, the sentence is distributed between three men and two women in the gang. The group was caught in 2013 with 2,500 jars of ill-gotten chocolate-hazelnut spread in the back of their van. Nutella is delicious and popular and not a suspicious thing to have around, but that quantity raised police suspicions because a few weeks earlier seven pallets of Nutella worth approximately $22,000 had been reported stolen. After investigating the suspects’ homes, police found about $830,000 worth of stolen goods, including electronics, toys, handbags, and Nutella.


The “Nutella gang” was charged with theft and receiving stolen goods. The three men received sentences of six and a half years, five years and three months, and three years and nine months. Their female accessories were given suspended sentences of between six and nine months each.