Now You Can Pay for Food Delivery with Bitcoins

Foodler is the first delivery service that lets you pay with the virtual currency


There are plenty of food delivery apps and websites out there, but only one lets you pay with virtual currency.

Boston-based delivery service Foodler announced yesterday that they’re now accepting Bitcoins, a 4-year-old decentralized "digital currency," as a method of payment for delivery from all of their 12,000-plus restaurants.

Bitcoin has been growing in popularity since its inception, and is used as a method of payment by more than 11 million people, according to Foodler co-founder Christian Dumontet, largely for online services. A few of the more tech-savvy bars and restaurants around the country accept the currency as a form of payment (although we’re not sure how you can deposit it in a bank account), and Foodler decided to jump on the bandwagon.

If you already have a Bitcoin account set up, you can log in through Foodler, select it as a payment option, and then once you check out your account will automatically be debited.


You can also tip your delivery runner with Bitcoins through the service, although we don’t imagine that will make him very happy.