Now You Can Have Soda And Chips In Cupcakes

People who thought pretzels and chips in cookies were kooky at Momofuku (not to mention the burger cupcake and all these other weird ones) probably won't like what John Rivers of 4Rivers Smokehouse is doing.

The Orlando chef is baking up come cupcakes that combine potato chips and soda, such as Coke and Ruffles, and Mountain Dew and Doritos.

Over at, Rivers gives some tips for making soda-and-chips cupcakes. For instance, home bakers should reduce soda into syrups to use in batters and icing; potato chips should be baked in batters or added as a topping.

Rivers is also looking into possible pairings for Nehi grape soda cupcakes and Fritos cupcakes, and sources say the Coke and Ruffles combo is a winner. So the cupcake trend may never die, but at least it's getting interesting.

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