Now You Can Get Your Soups in K-Cup Form

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That's not weird at all
Soup K-Cups | Campbell's | Green Mountain Coffee

Now you can get your soups in K-cup form.

In a new effort to please millennials who, god, don't even have time to boil a cup of water, Campbell's soups has come out and created soup for Keurig brewers.

According to a press release, Campbell's partnered with Keurig to create "Campbell's Fresh-Brewed Soup K-Cups," basically bringing Campbell's soups down to Top Ramen form. The cups, which provide the "fresh-brewed" broths, come with a separate "noodle and vegetable packet mix." We imagine the directions include brew the broth, dump vegetables and noodles in, cover, and wait for three minutes. We would probably run the K-cup machine one time through to get rid of any coffee residue.

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Of course, the K-Cup market is pretty big; The Huffington Post notes that a recent report found that 46 percent of the money spend on coffee or espresso makers went to single-serving machines. Still, this doesn't make it any better; if snackers really wanted some soup, they can heat up a can over the stove. Or stick one of the to-go things into the microwave. Or just boil some water and make ramen.