Now You Can Eat Your Frosty in a Waffle Cone

Wendy’s has launched a new old-fashioned way to eat the treat

We all know that when presented with ice cream, there are two ways to eat it: in a bowl, or in a cone. The folks at Wendy’s finally realized that they should probably offer more than one of those options, and have rolled out waffle cones for their famous Frosty dessert, in both vanilla and chocolate flavors.

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The Frosty was rolled out in 1969, and has remained fairly staid since then, aside from the opportunity to mix it up with other stuff and turn it into a milkshake, parfait, or float. It’s always been served in bowls when ordered straight, though, but starting now you’ll have the option of getting it in cone form.

"There is nothing better than a Frosty, and nothing worse than an empty Frosty cup," Liz Geraghty, Wendy’s vice president of brand marketing, said in a release. "With the Frosty Waffle Cone, you can enjoy America’s favorite treat for a few more delicious moments. It’s the biggest thing to happen to the Frosty since fries!"

The new cone is available at all North American Wendy's, and is selling for about $1.49.

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