Now You Can Cook Rice In Your Car

No need for drive-thrus on those ridiculous road trips now; Japanese designers have invented a rice cooker that plugs into any 12-volt electrical car socket, meaning you can cook yourself a nice cup of porridge instead of eating fries while on the road.

Granted, half the fun of going on a road trip is making pit stops at local diners, but if you're just powering through an overnight drive, this might just do the trick. The Takeru-kun, as it's called, is designed by the Japan Professional Network and is capable of making two bowls of white rice in 25 minutes, plus keeps it warm for longer, Rocket News reports. College students might note that rice cookers are good for more things than rice, i.e. steamed eggs, pasta, Kraft macaroni and cheese... the list goes on.

The directions say not to use the Takeru while the car is in motion, obviously, but now there are so many possibilities for living out of your car.