Norway Catches Serial Chicken Smuggler

Swedish smuggler caught with 1100 pounds of chicken

Norwegian customs agents caught a man trying to smuggle 1100 pounds of raw chicken across the border.

A Swedish man with a car full of raw chicken was stopped at the Norwegian border yesterday, but nobody was particularly surprised by the incident because the man was a known chicken smuggler who has been caught attempting the exact same smuggling run a total of nine times.

According to The Local, the man had 1100 pounds of raw, frozen chicken meat hidden in his Volvo when he was stopped at the border by Norwegian customs agents. That haul was 50 times the 10 kilograms of poultry it is legal for a person to transport across the border from Sweden to Norway. The culprit had reportedly been caught trying to smuggle poultry across the border eight times before this. It is unclear why he thought the ninth attempt would succeed, but he was incorrect.

Despite the fact that Norway’s customs agents are familiar with the smuggler’s face and his method of operation, the chicken smuggler just keeps trying. When caught, he is hit with a fine and released after customs agents seize his chicken. Then he presumably drives back home in his Volvo and begins planning his next attempt.


"He can count on getting a fine and we've confiscated the goods," said head of customs Gro Lene Gundelsby.