Northern Michigan’s Best Places to Eat

The Daily Meal’s guide to dining in Northern Michigan

The Cooks' House

Best known for its freshwater lakes, rivers, beaches, forests — and orchards which merit the self-proclaimed title "Cherry Capital of the World" — Northern Michigan is also quickly becoming known as a popular culinary destination. The coastline is studded with talented chefs who are taking hold of Michigan’s agriculture and are turning the region into a haven of unforgettable restaurants and artisan shops.

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In 2010 Bon Appétit named Traverse City one of the top five foodie towns in America, and the Traverse City treat trends have only become more intriguing since then.

If the beautiful scenery that Northern Michigan has to offer isn’t enough to pull you in for a visit, the food that can be found there is good enough reason on its own. From upscale dining high atop a hotel tower to a creamery that offers a view of the cows at pasture while you enjoy an ice cream cone, the restaurants, cafés, bakeries, farms, and shops of the region offer a wide variety of food experiences.

This list will give you good glimpse of what’s available, but devoted diners are sure to find more feasts along the way.