Kim Jong Un Reportedly Eyeing Scottish Restaurant

North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un is rumored to be considering opening up a new restaurant in Scotland serving North Korean cuisine.

According to The Daily Record, North Korea experts say Scotland is not an unlikely place for Kim Jong Un to look to open a new branch of the state-run Pyongyang restaurant chain. Pyongyang reportedly has restaurants open throughout Asia and specializes in North Korean cuisine. It already has one location in Western Europe since opening an outpost in Amsterdam in 2012. Scotland would be the second.

Michael Madden, editor of North Korea Leadership Watch, reportedly told The Daily Record that Scotland would be a likely location for one of the restaurants, in part because of the recent independence referendum and in part because Kim Jong Un loves whisky.

"It would not surprise me at all if they opted to open a restaurant in Scotland," he said. "The Scottish independence referendum catapulted Scotland into the North Korean elite's thoughts. Despite voting No' they'd consider left-leaning Scotland to be more suitable to deal with than England. Plus, North Koreans love whisky."

Jenny Town of the US-Korea Institute reportedly agreed.

"North Korea is going to support any country struggling for independence and legitimacy, as North Korea itself still continues to seek validation and recognition of its own legitimacy as a sovereign nation," she said.