Noma to Rebuild Kitchen this July

To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, Noma is demolishing their kitchen
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Noma's kitchen plan

2013 has been a big year for Noma. After a norovirus outbreak in February and being bumped from its perch as the world’s best restaurant to the second best, chef/owner Rene Redzepi is ready for a fresh start. They’re taking to the most important part of their operation, the kitchen, and rebuilding it anew.

On their website, Noma announced that the renovation is a gift to themselves for their 10-year anniversary. And despite the health scare in February, their past ten years are definitely worth celebrating. In such a short time, this Copenhagen-based restaurant went from being a small, unheard of eatery with about ten employees, to the best restaurant in the world. Today they have about fifty employees, twenty of whom work in the front of the house, and in 2011 they renovated their upstairs to be a “collaborative and comfortable space” with an office and a test kitchen.

Now, they plan to destroy their current “jigsaw puzzle of kitchen equipment and workspaces,” and rebuild it to become a fully equipped, improved, and aesthetically appealing station for chefs to create their culinary masterpieces. They hope the new kitchen will improve service and serve as a communal environment for their chefs.

In order to follow through with their plan, they will close on July First. Renovations are planned to be finished by the 20th, and the restaurant will reopen soon after on August First.

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