Noma Following in elBulli's Footsteps, Getting a Documentary

Current working title: 'Noma: My Perfect Storm / Being René Redzepi'
René  Redzepi
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Add this onto your docket of food movies to watch in the future: Alongside that dramatization of elBulli (in which everyone wants Javier Bardem to play eccentric Spanish chef-genius Ferran Adrià), René Redzepi is starring in a documentary about Noma, Eater reports, roughly titled Noma: My Perfect Storm / Being René Redzepi.

"In 2007 René and I collaborated on the documentary 'Looking North for a gastronomic revolution' (distributed by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation). Two years ago I approached René asking him if he would collaborate with me on a new feature documentary that would be a step up in many ways," director Pierre Deschamps wrote in a blogspot. "The main plot was to be inside his head to discover the world of Noma. A bit more than a year, few meetings, few treatments, and some outlines later we decided to embark on a new adventure."

The result, which will premiere next February at the International Berlin Film Festival, is an 80-minute theatrical documentary shot over the course of 12 months that follows Redzepi and his crew through ingredient sourcing, recipe developing, and execution. According to the synopsis, the film will aim to portray the mind of Redzepi, meaning narration will come from the Danish chef himself, utilizing "private audio recordings of his instant reactions in specific situations, such as the birth of a recipe, the burden of everyday administration, experience at the Nordic Food lab, the boldness of winter, the experience of opening a jar of fermented rose, his poetic thoughts whilst building a dish onto a plate for his customer, etc." 

Read the full synopsis below, then check out the trailer for Deschamps and Redzepi's first film collaboration, Looking North for a gastronomic revolution.

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Looking North for a gastronomic revolution from Documentree Films on Vimeo.