Nobu Chefs Converge on Las Vegas to Create Epic Nobu Feast

'Nobu United' brought together 28 Nobu chefs from around the country

The third course was a scallop baked in the shell, with smoked tomato and soy salt.

On Wednesday, Oct. 9, 28 chefs from 14 different locations of Nobu around the country gathered in Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace Nobu, the country’s largest Nobu restaurant, to create a special menu for a packed house.

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The 12,775-square-foot restaurant, which is located inside the newly opened Nobu Hotel (a remodeling of Caesars’ 1970 Centurion Tower), is sprawling, with several different rooms separated by glass dividers, a spacious bar area, a large sushi bar, and a high ceiling. With 327 seats, it’s also the first Nobu to offer teppanyaki, more commonly called hibachi in the U.S., with large iron griddles.

Months before the meal, chef Nobu Matsuhisa met with his chefs to discuss the menu and begin planning, with each restaurant’s team suggesting a dish that eventually made it into the final meal, be it a passed canapé or course. Chefs from different Nobu locations teamed up to create several of the courses.

"I am so proud of all the chefs," Matsuhisa told us. "Teamwork is the most important thing, and this is a real demonstration of teamwork at its best."

The meal began with seven passed canapés, including salmon and ikura with yuzu jalapeño miso from Nobu Miami, Wagyu beef with hana wasabi from Matsuhisa Vail, and fish tacos from — where else? — Nobu Los Angeles. Specialty passed cocktails included the Matsuhisa (with vodka, sake, cucumber, and pickled ginger) and the Apachee Martini (with apple and lychee liqueur, lychee juice, and lime).


After guests took their seats, four more courses followed, then there was a soup course, a sushi course, and, finally, dessert. Click here to take a look at some of some highlights from the meal.