Snooki Banned From Local Wine Shop and More Celebrity News


Is Linsanity still Linsane? We're not really sure, but we are definitely sure that Bobby Brown didn't have to leave Whitney Houston's funeral to dine, dance, and gamble the night away. In the wake of the beloved diva's death, celebrity life goes on. 


• Apparently, Snooki isn't welcome at Jersey Wines & Spirits near her home in Jersey City, so much so that there's a sign in the window that reads "NO SNOOKI." Looks like her gorilla juicehead boyfriend Jionni is going to have to have a nice talk with the owner. [TMZ]

Alec Baldwin would cheat on his diabetic diet for butterscotch candies. [CBS]

• Designer Oscar de la Renta is moving to a new office in NYC, where he plans to house beehives and tomato plants. Can he get any cuter? [WSJ]


• An ineveitable new nickname for Knicks star Jeremy Lin, "Lin-Sanitini #17" is now on the menu at New York City's Southern Hospitality. Let's hope the winning streak returns. [Nite Tables

• Also, in our Lin news, Shaq invited the Harvard alum to the NBA All-Star weekend. What else did he do? He renamed lentil soup. [Houston Chronicle]


• Glee's Amber Riley has dropped three dress sizes after cutting out fast food. You go girl. [CNN]

Tina Fey's diet is a little different from Amber's when she's writing. [Grub Street]

• The Kardashians are facing a lawsuit after endorsing a faulty diet supplement, QuickTrim. [NYPost]


Paul McCartney does Benihana, veggie-style. [Grub Street]

• Here's more on the hibachi spot. "I love Benihana like I love my favorite strip club," Tracy Morgan says. [Vulture]

Wolfgang Puck, Lenny Kravitz, Terrance Howard, and Quincy Jones hung out and munched on black truffle pizza and sipped on brunello di montalcino after a concert by Kravitz.  [Grub Street

Joe Jonas hopped aboard the Baoli Love Boat with friends in Miami and munched on sushi and filet mignon. [People]

• After showing up for a minute or two and kissing the casket at Whitney Houston's funeral, Bobby Brown wanted to grieve in his own way. That including gambling, wining and dining his fiancée, and partying. [People]