Nintendo Announces Super Cute Kirby Cafe

Nintendo is not resting on its Pokemon Go laurels
Nintendo's Kirby Cafe food

Nintendo has announced the opening of a new Kirby cafe in Japan, and everything about it looks adorable. 

Nintendo is enjoying a huge wave of success thanks to the wild popularity of the new Pokemon Go cell phone game, but Pikachu is not the only video game character getting attention. Nintendo has announced that it will be opening two locations of an official Kirby-themed game in Japan, and it looks adorable.

Kirby is a cute little round pink guy with a cheerful face, and his main power is eating things and taking their powers. So he’s a natural to be the face of a restaurant. According to Ars Technica, the new Kirby restaurants will be opening in Osaka on August 5, with a Tokyo location following shortly.

The food is all so cute it looks like toys. There are Kirby pancakes, which are pink and round, just like the hero. There are cream puffs topped with his face. There’s a mug of soup that looks like the “Maxim Tomato” that gives Kirby power-ups in game.

There will also be Kirby merchandise for sale at the restaurants.

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